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When my father first brought home a TRS-80 Model I computer, it was not immediately obvious that this would have a big influence on my life.

TRS-80 Model I

TRS 80 Model I

That computer was running on an 8 Bit Z80 CPU at 1.77 MHz. In comparison to that, todays CPUs are usually 64 Bit based and run at frequencies in the micro wave range (>2 GHz). Although the available RAM was later extended, at first there was only 4 KiB of RAM available so the

BASIC Computer Games

BASIC Computer Games Book Cover

8 Bit

Triumph Adler PC


Triumph Adler PC (CC BY-SA 3.0)

System 8000 by O+R

Oettle & Reichler CPM+ System


Coherent Manual

Oettle & Reichler CPM+ System

MKS Toolkit

MKS Toolkit

Free Software

FSF Member since 2011

Coherent OS Coherent online manual MKS Toolkit

Functional Programming