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Debugging GNOME GThumb

I have been using the GNOME image viewer GThumb on my Debian system for a long time. But only now I started looking into it some more because of a bug that has become more annoying with the pictures taken by our newest smart phones.


As nobody reacted to the bug report so far I thought I might take a look myself. Cloning the gitlab repository is a no-brainer and after installing the required dependencies, latest head of tree also builds nicely. Because of the plug-in architecture, the binary is not easily started from the build directory and so I installed it to /usr/local/bin just like says.

Starting it under gdb I can start looking into why comments get populated all by themselves. Unfortunately, the GLib data structures are not properly decoded by gdb as can be seen in this short transcript:

(gdb) p *settings
$2 = {parent_instance = {g_type_instance = {Python Exception <class 'gdb.error'> No type named TypeNode.:
g_class = }, ref_count = 1, qdata = 0x7fffdc0019f0},
  priv = 0x555555f16d40}

Solving this on Debian Buster was not hard, but as I tend to forget the details I decided to turn my notes into this short blog post.

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acme - Power of Simplicity

Coming from an MS-DOS background, I immediately fell in love with the Unix Programming Environment when I first encountered it. The idea of treating the "user" not as a "consumer" of large isolated and monolithic "applications" but rather provide a toolbox allowing to quickly assemble non-trivial ad-hoc programs in the form of pipelines utterly changed my take on how to use computers.

In a way, the Unix shell and the Unix tools are an "Integrated Development Environment" (IDE for short) although nowadays people believe that behemoths like Eclipse or Microsoft Visual Studio are IDEs.

However the original Unix toolkit lacked an integrated editor and so the full potential of the Unix Philosophy in One Lesson remained untapped for some time. (In case you are unfamiliar with the Art of Unix Programming I suggest reading all of it just in case.)

Enter Plan 9 from Bell Labs.

Acme Screenshot
Figure 1. Acme Screenshot

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