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Emacs as an IDE for Nikola Blogs

A lot of my blog posts contain console logs from GNU/Linux systems. For the first few posts I was contend having found an efficient way to copy real output into blog posts.

dzu@krikkit:~$ --kernel
* Kernel protection information:

  Description - List the status of kernel protection mechanisms. Rather than
  inspect kernel mechanisms that may aid in the prevention of exploitation of
  userspace processes, this option lists the status of kernel configuration
  options that harden the kernel itself against attack.

  Kernel config: /boot/config-4.19.0-8-amd64

  Warning: The config on disk may not represent running kernel config!

  GCC stack protector support:            Disabled
  Strict user copy checks:                Disabled
  Enforce read-only kernel data:          Disabled
  Restrict /dev/mem access:               Enabled
  Restrict /dev/kmem access:              Enabled

* grsecurity / PaX: No GRKERNSEC

  The grsecurity / PaX patchset is available here:

* Kernel Heap Hardening: No KERNHEAP

  The KERNHEAP hardening patchset is available here:

dzu@krikkit:~$ exit

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